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Year 2

Phase 1: Faculty of Medicine Contacts

General enquiries:

General program administrative support and information. If unsure who to contact, this team can point you in the right direction.

Medical Student Support:

Assistance for student mental health and wellbeing, academic performance, referral to specialist support services such as counselling, disability support and accommodation.

Phase 1 Academic Lead – Dr Tammy Smith:

Phase 1 Academic Support Lead – Ms Angela Brandenburg:

Support for students experiencing academic difficulties in Phase 1.

Director of MD Research – A/Prof Diann Eley:

For matters relating to research during the program.

Phase 1 Clinical Units

St Lucia Clinical Unit:

Mater Clinical Unit Phase 1:

PA Clinical Unit Phase 1:

RBWH Clinical Unit Phase 1:

UQMS Contacts

Year 2 Representative:

Rainbow Med:


Indigenous Officer:


UQMS Advocacy Comments, Suggestions, and Complaints Form

This is a one stop shop for all your advocacy needs! Please fill in your comments, suggestions and complaints regarding your experience as a UQ medical student, and we as the Advocacy Committee will endeavour to resolve, redirect and escalate the issue accordingly.

This form is confidential.

Click here to submit your feedback.

Exam Feedback

MEDI7211 Mid-Semester Exam: Click Here

Course Feedback

Password advertised to members on UQ MD Class page and UQMS newsletter.

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