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Ochsner Medical Student Association

The University of Queensland – Ochsner partnership student association.



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Our story

OMSA is a student advocacy organization run by the students of the UQ-Ochsner Program, a joint collaboration in medical education between the University of Queensland and Ochsner Health Systems.

Founded in March 2011, OMSA represents the student body in matters related to their medical education. Academics, research, community outreach, and social events are a few of the facets of student life in which OMSA is involved. In essence, OMSA’s mission is to help its students make the most of their education in the MBBS Program and to prepare them for U.S. residency training following graduation.

Our focus is to help all Ochsner cohort students have opportunities to succeed and excel, with a specific intent to foster and promote professionalism, integrity, intellectual honesty, and academic rigor.

OMSA is governed by its Executive Committee, which comprises multiple officers in New Orleans and Brisbane. The offices of the Executive Committee are elected each November by the student body. Heavier weighting is given to the New Orleans side of the program because the program’s purpose is to produce graduates who take U.S. residencies, and thus OMSA’s activities are concentrated at the Ochsner Clinical School in Years 3 and 4.