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Grad Ball 2014

Graduation Ball
Join us for an evening of Fire and Ice.
As we approach the final days of our journey in medical school, we entice you to come together one last time for a formal evening of fine dining, beverages and extravagant entertainment.
Family and friends are more than welcome to attend, however ticket sales will be limited to the capacity of the venue. Tickets will be released in rounds and operate on a first come, first serve basis. The first round of 500 tickets will be limited to one student plus two guests, with subsequent rounds to follow. Release dates will be announced shortly!
Tables will be arranged to seat 10 people, we ask that you nominate one person from your table to submit seating preferences.
We hope to see you all for one last night of fun, flames and frozen festivities!
Where: Great Hall, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
When: Friday 13 December, 7pm Pre-Dinner Drinks; Ball 7:30-Midnight Followed by Afterparty
Cost: Graduates - TBA, Non-Graduates - TBA
Dress: Black Tie


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Ashintosh Elective Grants

Medical Electives Medical electives offer wonderful opportunities to experience medicine in different settings, communities and countries. The Ashintosh Foundation’s Medical Elective Grants Program is designed to support the bright ideas of medical students to conduct a health-related project during a medical elective.

About the Grants
< The medical elective grant program is a new initiative of the Ashintosh Foundation and one which serves to give back to the medical student community which so strongly supports it by allowing select students to enrich another community through a medical project. Up to three grants of $1500 are available per year for health-related projects conducted on university elective placements. Examples of projects include supply of medical aid, conducting a research study or creating an educational program to assist healthcare in the region. Grants will be offered for a single project to be undertaken by an individual or group of applicants within the calendar year. New applications are necessary for expanding or continuing projects. Funding may be allocated to travel and administrative expenses in addition to the proposed project.

Priority areas for the foundation include projects conducted in Aboriginal, Torres Strait Island or developing world communities. This does not preclude other applications as innovative project ideas are welcome and encouraged.

Applicants must be enrolled in the University of Queensland MBBS or MD program when applying and undertaking their elective and project. Applicants must also be current members of the University of Queensland Medical Society.

Originality of the project
Scientific / educational / clinical merit
Potential for success

Applications extended: final round due 11.59pm October 11.

apply here.
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UQMS Blue Week is coming to your PBL!

UQMS is launching a 'healthy eating' competition. Medical school can be pretty full on at times, but it's important to try look after yourself along the way.

Medical students suffer high rates of emotional exhaustion, and burnout can affect students (especially as we come to the end of the year!) A balanced lifestyle, with enough rest, exercise and a healthy diet can help promote wellbeing.

For that reason, there will be a healthy eating competition for first and second year PBL (yes, Ipswich is included!) Between October 5-10, there will be a prize for the PBL which brings the most impressive (but also healthy!) culinary masterpiece to class. Bonus points for food which is blue.

To enter, send me a photo of your PBL’s entry at liaison(at)uqms.org, along with your PBL number and a list of its members. Also, feel free to upload this photo to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram with the hashtag ‪#‎uqblueweek‬

Why blue? This is to link up with AMSA’s Mental Health campaign, which involves medical schools across the country holding a ‘Blue Week’ to raise awareness of mental health issues. Our profession experiences rates of depression exceeding those of the general population; however, 40% of medical students perceive that there is stigma surrounding doctors with mental health conditions.

For more information on AMSA's mental health campaign, visit here

Hope to see you all on board!

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Notice of UQMS AGM 2014

The Annual General Meeting of the UQMS in 2014 will be held as follows:
Date: Tuesday October 14th
Time: 6.30pm AEST (Brisbane time)
Location: Level 3 of the Health Sciences Building, RBWH.

This meeting incorporates the election of the UQMS Management Committee, and UQMS Convenor Positions: the Ashintosh Committee Members, and Graduation Ball Convenors for 2015. Voting is now open.


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Commonwealth Medical Internships

Fourth Year International Students

Commonwealth Medical Internships are now open, and close October 3rd

Click here for further information.
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Keg III 2014

We would like invite everyone to our Post-Exam Luau. Very rarely does keg 3 fall at such an opportune time, Phase 2 on holidays, year 2 finished with mid-sems & Years 1's completed medi1012 midsem. So we are looking forward to a big night.
For anyone one feeling sentimental this will be our resident DJ Ged Forrest's last keg and he's promised us he's going to put on quite the performance.

Theme: Hawaiian Luau - the uglier the shirt the better, coconuts & grass skirts are encouraged, and leis will be provided at the door.

Closed in shoes and shirts are a must, or no after party.

Venue has a max capacity, so buy tickets quickly.

Tickets: here!
20$ for Members
25$ For non-members
Includes the usual keg package (vegetarian and GF options will be available, and our meat is all Halal)
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Nominate for UQMS Management Committee, Ashintosh Committee, and Graduation Ball Convenors

The Annual General Meeting of the UQMS in 2014 will be held on Tuesday October 14th, at 6.30pm AEST (Brisbane time) on Level 3 of the Health Sciences Building, RBWH. This meeting incorporates the election of the UQMS Management Committee, and UQMS Convenor Positions: the Ashintosh Committee Members, and Graduation Ball Convenors for 2015.

An executive information session will be held at Saint Lucy's at 9:30am on September 14th. If you want to know more about any of the exec positions please come along and register your interest here.
It's highly recommended that if you are nominating for a position, you attend the UQMS Leadership Development Workshop, so don't forget to sign up here

There are a total of 15 Positions open for nomination: 9 UQMS Management Committee positions, 5 Ashintosh Committee Members, and the Graduation Ball Convenor Position. Nominations open as of September 5th 6:30pm, and will close on September 23rd at 6:30pm AEST. Prospective nominees should acquaint themselves with the following documentation:
  • Please view these Further Guidelines, which indicate requirements for candidate statements and electoral conduct. Specifically, it details grounds for disqualification.
      • Gifts are used to promote their candidacy
      • The candidate runs as a slate
      • The candidate uses the UQMS’s resources to promote their candidacy
Each ordinary (full) UQMS member has the right to participate in the election process: as a nominee, a nominator or as a voter.


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