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Executive Committee

The UQMS Executive Committee is the peak representative body of UQ medical students. The UQMS Executive Committee consists of five elected individuals responsible for the overall management and direction of the organisation.

Matt Kim


Interests: Writing, green tea, music

Why I chose my role: I want to share my passion for the UQMS with others and devote my time in shaping an amazing year for all. I also love working in teams!

Fun fact: Not a North Korean dictator. Seriously.

Jessie Madden


Interests: Elections, Rigid Rule Following, Being Woke

Why I chose my role: I don’t know anyone who gets as excited about reading UQMS Governing Documents as I do, so I couldn’t say no. 

Fun fact: Lacks street smarts


Patrice Brennan

Vice President Internal

Interests: Making banger playlists, dancing to said playlist, forcing other people to dance to said playlist

Why I chose my role: My attitude towards UQMS events is much the same as my attitude to medical specialities – indecisive love for them all! So naturally overseeing all the events for UQMS was the perfect fit.

Fun fact: Still relies on UQ Nav to get to class


Emily Chen

Vice President External

Interests: Surveys, Sun protection, Sorbet

Why I chose my role: There’s nothing better than giving our students a channel to voice their opinions and a place to find answers to their questions. Free food at meetings is also pretty good too though.

Fun fact: Knows way too much about food and makeup for the amount of money she has in her bank account

Imogen Atkins


Interests: Enjoys video games, board games, card games, and watching footy games. Any fun structured group activity; I’m there! 

Why I chose my role: Because I like to have a finger in every pie and to know everything that’s going on. I hope I can help make this year one of the best!