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Want to get involved? Between the Executive Committee, Management Committee, Convenors & Representatives, UQMind, Incision UQ, Ashintosh Foundation and Rainbow Med – there are over 70 elected and appointed positions up for grab each year! 

Position Descriptions

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Professional Development


Key Dates

Ordinary General Meeting

All Nominations have now Closed

Voting Period: 12/03/2019 – 18/03/2019 – contact if you haven’t received your ballot via email

OGM: 21/3/2019 – To learn more about the OGM including positions available for nomination from the floor see here

Annual General Meeting

Nomination Period: TBD
Voting Period: TBD


Governing Documents

Election Guides

Nomination Forms


How many positions can I nominate for?

You may nominate for up to 2 executive positions, 3 management positions and as many convenor and representative positions as you would like.

Where do I submit my nominations?

You may submit your nomination form at the UQMS office or email appointed nominations to and elected nominations to

Can I set up a Facebook page to campaign?

Yes, as long as you open it maximum 48 hours before voting opens and it is not affiliated with any UQMS pages. See the Electoral and Voting By-Laws 4.8 and 8.1 for more information. 

Who do I contact if I didn't get an email with a link to vote?

Please send an email to

Can I run on a joint ticket with my friends?

Some positions (e.g. May Ball, Trephine, Med Revue Convenors) are held by a group, and you are welcome to nominate with your friends (see Forms 2 and 4). However, individuals running for different UQMS roles held by one person may not run for a joint ticket and may not provide endorsements for one another. See Electoral and Voting By-Laws 4.8 for more information. 

What is the “Re-Open the Vote” option on the voting form?

This allows voters to call for nominations to be re-opened if they feel there is no suitable candidate for the position. If it is selected by at least 50%+1 of the voting members, nominations for that position will reopen and a second voting period will be organised to fill the position. See Electoral and Voting By-Laws 7.6 and 10.4 for more information.

I’m not a member of UQMS - Can I still run for a role?

Only UQMS Members are eligible to run for nomination (Electoral and Voting By-Laws 4.1). If you are unsure of your membership, please email To be come a member click here. Please note your nominator and seconder should also be UQMS members!